Adria Moynihan Rusk
Owner, Still Life Studio
Portland, Maine
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In 2009 I started teaching private painting lessons in my studio as a way to support myself and my painting habit. I wasn't prepared for how much I would love the experience of teaching, or how rewarding it would be to share in another artist's creative journey. My core strengths revolve around translating the language of painting into accessible pieces.

I'm particularly well suited to working with nontraditional learners or new artists who value things like flexibility, repetition, creative nurturing and lots of encouragement.


I create representational paintings that are not fully literal. I am influenced by themes of water, the figure, the still life, Maine, intimacy, humor, and rest. My work isn't conceptual beyond the intangible connection it forms between itself and the viewer. 

I find the greatest pleasure in the other, the areas of life that are overlooked or driven past. Each painting has an identity of its own that reaches beyond the reference, while translating the relationship between what I see and what I feel. 

I can be found in my studio creating as well as coaching others as they cultivate their own painting practices. Please contact me to inquire about commissions or a studio visit.


Are you looking for something unique for yourself or a client? I love creating custom work to suit your project or vision. Contact me to inquire.


  • BA Painting Portland State University, Portland, OR, 2007

  • Undergraduate Study NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Alfred, NY, 1998-2000

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