At Still Life Studio we study the fundamental elements of painting and combine them with the endless cues of personal inspiration, abstraction, and artistic freedom. 

Lessons are ideal for new painters or those looking to build upon their existing skills with guidance and more personal attention. 

Examples of things we study

  • Drawing/painting from life (perspective, shape/form, learning to translate what we see)
  • Color theory and paint mixing
  • Painting materials and tools 
  • Composition and editing
  • Painting representationally while keeping it loose
  • Custom exercises and study based on student needs 


While we often use the still life as a point of reference, it is by no means our only source of inspiration. Students will be invited to reference printed images, study the paintings and techniques of favorite artists, and develop their own style of creative expression through paint. 

My approach has a foundation in realism with a strong leaning toward impressionism, expressionism, and abstraction. I help students step back from old habits and deeply ingrained assumptions about painting, and lead them toward a freer, more confident, painterly aesthetic. 


I believe in the healing value of painting and the human need for good self care. While painting can become a serious practice, it has value far beyond increased artistic skills. Walking into an inviting, sun-soaked studio with ample creative resources at your fingertips is like fuzzy socks on a winter day. If painting can help soften the edges of life by even just a bit, we're all the better for it! 

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