Studio Renovation Update, with Photos!

The new studio is coming along, with lots of challenges and a lot of progress. I'm learning a lot and feeling more inspired by the space every day!

I've had about 15+ volunteers helping with things like floor scraping, painting, and fundraising. It's been a wonderful community effort, and I can't wait for the doors open for all to see. 

The photos below are in order starting with the most recent and ending with what it looked like "before". It got a bit worse before getting better.

Here are some of the milestones...

  • Waiting 6 weeks to receive a building permit from the city of Portland
  • Tearing down two walls to open up the space that will become the classroom. 
  • Removing about 1000sf of old, high traffic carpet. 
  • Scraping many layers of carpet glue off the concrete floors to prepare them for paint. (This goes down as the dirtiest, most difficult job of the entire project, and the people who helped me are SAINTS). 
  • Finding a "surprise" hole in the concrete floor that went straight through to the basement, and filling it (a multi-step process). 
  • Repairing a missing patch of vinyl tiles (pretty proud of this one).
  • Painting the concrete floors (this was so satisfying!)
  • Putting up new walls to enclose two spaces, and moving/adding doors (a contractor did this part)
  • Reversing the entry door to swing from the opposite side to avoid a code violation (not a small project).
  • Losing an electrician to another project, and then desperately trying to find another one in the middle of a Maine summer (construction season). 
  • Waiting for an electrical inspection, and closing up walls. 
  • Now we're on to mudding, lots of painting, and cleaning!