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Giving New Life to the Still Life - 4 Week Class

stil life

Class meets 4 Tuesdays, April 5th to April 26th from 1pm-3:30pm. 

How can we give every day objects new life through painting? We’ll hang up our ideas about stuffy still life paintings at the door and focus on modern interpretations of this timeless subject. 

  • Learn to create drama through good composition
  • Learn when to utilize creative license when needed
  • Study and discuss composition, color relationships, brushwork, and editing
  • Complete quick exercises and sustained paintings

Classes will consist of demonstrations, group and individual instruction with ample time to paint, and brief critiques.

This course is for students who have a good understanding of the very basics of painting and paint mixing, but who are looking to gain more diverse skills. Some drawing experience helpful. 

Students may work in acrylic or oil (choose the most familiar medium). 

Workshop/Class policies


For students without their own materials, all supplies for in-class use can be provided by the studio for a $50 fee (pay at the first session). If you have any questions about the items on this list, please email me

Paint: (recommended colors)

  • Titanium White
  • Cadmium lemon or Lemon yellow
  • Cadmium yellow medium or deep
  • Cadmium red light or medium
  • Quinacridone red or rose OR alizarin crimson
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Cerulean blue OR phthalo blue 
  • Raw umber (optional)

Please have a warm and cool of each primary color, and any other favorites. Recommended acrylic brands: Golden Heavy Body, Utrecht, Winsor & Newton, Liquitex Heavy Body. Get tubes, not jars. Recommended oil brands: Gamblin, M. Graham, Winsor & Newton. Purchase artist grade paints for best results.

Brushes: Please bring a small selection (6-8) brushes in good condition. You may use hog bristle (my preference) or stiff synthetic. I suggest sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10 in primarily flats, brights and/or filberts.

Palette knife approx. 3” diamond or teardrop shape. Metal, not plastic. 

Palette. I suggest 9x12 disposable paper sheets, the Sta-Wet palette, or a metal butcher tray. Saran wrap if you want to save leftover paint. 

If using acrylics: Water container (a wide-mouthed salsa jar is fine)

If using oils: Odorless Mineral Spirits for brush cleaning in a small jar with tight fitting lid. I recommend Gamsol (16 oz.) Odorless medium of your choice (not required). Please do not bring turpentine or other non-odorless solvents. 

Rags or Paper Towels. I use rags, but many painters prefer the blue shop towels found in the auto section of hardware stores. 

2B or HB pencil and kneaded rubber eraser

Notebook (optional)